Preventive Care

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Preventive Care

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Preventive Dental Care

In as much as keeping to a proper dental hygiene routine is important, it cannot be complete without a visit to the dentist. The dentist is the last measure that ensures that any remaining plaque is removed to make sure that you are thoroughly clean. We have a hygienist services that focus on the treatment and removal of calculus (plaque and tartar) from your teeth. The hygienist use polishing and scaling apparatus to get rid of the tartar and plaque as wells as teeth stains caused by the consumptions of red wine, coffee, or tobacco thus reducing the chance of any future buildup of plaque or tartar on the teeth.

Part of the treatment process includes information about oral health and how you can maintain a good oral hygiene.

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What does preventive care entail?

The first step is a dental check which entails a thorough inspection of your teeth and gums to identify the necessary treatment. The objective is to resort and maintain a healthy mouth. Such a mouth rarely has any cases of gum disease or dental decay.

The hygienists will remove all the tartar and plaque using a process called Cscaling and polishing

After, you will be showed the best way to brush and clean between your teeth using a toothbrush, the importance of flossing and how to do it, and how these actions remove plaque and keep it from forming on your teeth. Bacteria in your mouth and the plaque turns sugar left after eating or drinking sugary foods into acid that causes dental decay. If the buildup of plaque is not stopped and removed, it can lead to inflammation of the gum.  Calculus, which is that hard tartar on the teeth starts off as plaque.

Also, part or the dental cleaning information will include the best oral care products that you should use.

You will know the role your diet plays in your dental health so that you can know the effects of certain ill habits such as drinking and smoking.

The dentists, will as well as your teeth to ensure that any existing filings are in pristine condition with no rough edges that can make it difficult to clean.

Additional issues handled by the dental hygienists

They will help understand the importance of fluoride in dental care and will recommend the best fluoride as well as the amount to use when brushing and cleaning your teeth. For children, dentists often recommend fluoride varnishes. For those with a higher risk of dental decay, the dentist will recommend the use of a high-quality fluoride toothpaste.

What can i do at home?

You can keep your teeth and gums healthy while at home by following a good oral health routine. For this we recommend the following:

Brushing the teeth at night before jumping to bed and at least once during the day. Use a fluoride toothpaste. Brush using the technique the dental hygienist showed you.

Use floss or interdental toothbrushes to clean between the teeth. A standard toothbrush will only clean 60% of the surface of a tooth.

Use mouthwash during the day because it contains antibacterial properties that kill bacteria and prevent gum disease as well as fluoride that will reduce the risk of dental decay.

What dental hygiene products should Iiuse?

You can use different types of specialized toothpaste that include those made for sensitive teeth, for fighting plaque and gum disease, and others for total oral care. Some are made as whitening products. The use of mouthwashes in important because many contain anti-bacterial ingredients that help reduce the risk of plaque and gum diseases.

The right toothbrush for adults should have a medium or small sized head with soft bristles. Electric brushes with a rotating action of the bristles are also very effective when dealing with dental plaque.

At our Clinic, we offer the very best of oral hygiene products, which includes special toothbrushes, interdental brushes, and floss from TePe, a renowned Swedish brand.

You can watch the animated clip below to know more on how to keep your teeth healthy using the best oral health practices.

It is our mission to ensure you have healthy smiles!

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