Jaw Bone Health

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Jaw Bone Health

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Why Teeth Are So Important For Jaw Bone Health?

Whenever there are one or several teeth missing, it can result in bone loss in the area where the gap is.  The jaw bone loss can turn into other problems as well, in terms of your overall health and appearance.  You might experience an altered facial appearance, problems with your other teeth, pain, or even being unable to eat or speak normally.

Just like exercise helps to maintain muscles, bone tissue gets maintained through using it.  Embedded inside the jaw bone are natural teeth that stimulate the jaw bone via activities like biting and chewing.  Whenever there are missing teeth, the alveolar bone, or that part of the jaw bone anchoring the teeth in the mouth, do not receive the stimulation they need any longer and it starts to resorb, or break down.  The body doesn’t need or use the jaw bone any long, so it starts to deteriorate.

The Possible Consequences of Jaw Bone And Tooth Loss

  • Having problems with remaining teeth, which includes loss, loosening, drifting and misalignment
  • Limited lip support
  • Collapsed facial profile
  • Sinus expansion
  • Inadequate nutrition due to being unable to chew painlessly and properly
  • Difficulty communicating and speaking
  • Jaw (Tempromandibular joint or TMJ) pain, headaches and facial pain
  • Distortion of facial features
  • Wrinkling skin around the mouth

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